Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Passion of the Christ

"This is a movie about love, hope, faith, and forgiveness.
He died for all mankind, suffered for all of us.
It's time to get back to that basic message"
(Mel Gibson)

To write a movie review for The Passion is not easy,
in fact it is very unconvincing to hear from a Christian point of view.

But, it would be a huge waste if you expect one movie review writer,
to talk about his/her opinion only from the movie's perspective.

Because what so different about this movie,
is the visual storytelling through an artistic expression.

But one can only feel the expression if he/she has a biblical knowledge background.
Otherwise, it's just a well-made CGI movie used to attract viewers by taboo image.

Allow me to write this review from a Christian point of view,
because, no one single professional movie critics is gonna analyze each characters scene by scene with you.

Well, atleast I try.

Mel Gibson only brought us the last 12hours of Jesus crucifiction, by rejecting standard storytelling conventions such as introducing his characters.
He is assuming his audience already knows everything he's about to tell us, is that a mistake?

It depends....

But it is a two-hour regular feature time film, it's not gonna make everyone happy and satisfied you know.
So, basically I think Mel Gibson did a fantastic job to inject the needle deep enough into the core of the movie.

I wont say this is an absolute honest reference to Bible, no it is not,
Mel Gibson actually humanize the Satan.

But there is no need to follow the Bible sequences because this is not a documentary,

and he did a good job here to insert some flashback scenes in between the whole movie,
the editing, the scene's dissolve technique, the dialogue, the expression, everything is inserted just on time.

Talking back to the main figures here, Jesus Christ.

The best thing about this movie is, Mel Gibson remind us Lord Jesus is a man, 100% He is a man, 100% He is God.

I think many Christian tends to remind themselves all the time, Jesus is God, Jesus is God,
but very often they already forget the human dimension of Jesus Christ.

It is very important the recognize not only the God dimension of Jesus, but also His human form.
Otherwise, it would be naive to think that Jesus as a God, doesnt (and wouldnt) feel any pain when He is being crucified.

Then this could be a biggest conspiracy ever happened, that God actually has cheated us for 2000years.

But, if one can always recall the human form of Jesus, it explained everything really.

Mel Gibson did not neglected this important element, which make this movie so powerful and close to people heart.

Look at how James Caviezel (who played Jesus) walk with leg and hands being chained,
how he carry the cross, how he feel the pain, how he feel tired, how he feel scare of facing the challenge ahead.

Jesus was a human, no doubt about that.

The scene where He falled on the road to Calvary,
flashback scenes inserted where the little Jesus falled and Mother Mary run towards Him,

it is such a beautiful scene.

Very simple, very pure, it's understood.
Mel Gibson is good in creating feeling by using slow motion, close up and music.

Pontius Pilate and Herod are another two characters worth a discuss.

When Jesus was brought to Herod for trial, He didnt answer one single question by Herod.
Herod say 'Get him out of my sight, he is not a criminal, he is just a fool'
It shows that Herod dont even care to understand who is Jesus.

But in another case, Pilate shows that he is a reasonable man who admit and declared he has found no sin of Jesus Christ.

I am not saying he is reasonable because he admit that, but he is indeed reasonable because atleast he try to understand Jesus, and he wish Jesus can defend Himself for the sake of His own life.

Pilate wife tried to advise him not to execute Jesus, but in the end, Pilate could not escape the opposition voices from the Jews, because the Roman always see the Jews as the most problematic troublemaker.

He wash his hand and say this has nothing to do with him.

The whole conversation scenes between Jesus and Pilate is very exciting, very active.

Pilate was so close and so near to understand the Truth, but, he cannot resist the rebel voices of the Jews.

He need to make a wrong decision that he is gonna feel regret.

This scenes, has well-reflected the current situation in many country's political system.

The country leader know exactly what is right and what is wrong, but still he has to do something wrong to please some particular group.


Now, this has lead us to a very very important question here.

During the whole trial scenes, Jesus never say a single word to defend Himself, but all of His word is to testify the Truth.

Let put yourself in Jesus' shoes, the only difference is, you're not a God,

~You are Jesus, but you are not God~

so, you're a fake God, you lie to the world saying that you're the King of Jews and Son of God.


Now, if one judge, who has the power to execute your crucifiction, and also release you, stand infront of you and ask you, one last time, "Are you the Son of God?"

What would you say?

Tell me, at this crucial moment, who have the guts to say that 'I am God!' ???

Only three parties in the world can....

1. A cheater

2. A fool

3. God

Now you ask yourself, if you're Jesus, and you're a cheater,
what would you answer the judge when the moment he want to decide your execution?

If you say 'Yes, I am God' then you gonna die, but if you say 'No, I am not' then he gonna set you free.

I think a cheater would definitely unveil his true face if it is the matter of life or dead right?
So, since Jesus insist that He is God, this would translate us to

~Jesus is not a cheater~

hence, it lead us to....

~ Jesus is either a fool or God~

This silly question, I throw it back to you....

Jesus never curse the Roman soldiers when they crucified Him, instead He prayed for them.
He never say a word to defend Himself, instead He allow the Roman soldier to drag Him like a goat.

This is my Lord, Jesus Christ.
Good Friday 2010.

Mel Gibson explains one of his appearances in the film, the close-up of his hands nailing Jesus to the cross: "It was me that put Him on the cross. It was my sins [that put Jesus there]."

Jesus Love You.

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The Passion of the Christ said...

This film is made in three language Latin , Hebrew and Aramaic. The film is directed by great director Mel Gibson . I have seen some scene of this film and i find it very interesting.