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Clash of the Titans (2010)

To win the right to marry his love (Andromeda) and fufill his destiny, Perseus must complete various quests and battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda.

Based on this simple plot description, what do you think?
Like Super Mario from the Middle Age right?

Allright, let's put this story into a bottle, which is wrap by the Greek mythology charcters, the Gods, the Titans....
The anticipate Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon,
How cool?

Personally I really like Greek myth, not to say that I am a historian or someone,
but I always believe that Greek culture is a high culture.

Two reasons,
Greek saw the value of immortality,
and they also realized the importance of education.

I think I have stated many times in my previous movie reviews, saying that some of the movie lately doesnt inject the needle deep enough into the heart of the story.
This movie is another failure.

Legion talk about battle of Angels, Book of Eli talk about the characteristic of Bible,
and Clash of the Titans talk about the defiance of human to Gods.

There are too many weaknesses and holes in the movie, despite the effortless CGI and effects.
The scriptwriter is too greedy to mix all the characters into the story, like a sardin can.

Yea, you can argue about the loyal reference of originality, thiz and that.
I dont really care.

But the movie itself is a mess,
though it is quite predictable and easy to digest.

with the music pace they used and the non-stop action packed they shown, it is quite easy to grab the audiences emotion through out the whole movie.

Frankly I was quite amaze with the scene where the Argos soldiers pull down the big Zeus' statue and Hades then rise from the ocean to teach them a lesson.

The mood is there, it was well-created.

But the rest of the action scenes are quite dissapointing,
no surprise, no nothing but a boring fighting scene.

The worst thing is the ROCK music they used,
it's so uncomfortable.

If you know the director of this movie you wont be surprise really.
Hulk, Transporter 2, Unleashed...

I wont say he is a bad director,
but he has no quality and his own style but the boring action scene,
so far he didnt prove me wrong.

How could you simply put Rock music in this kind of movie,
I mean I have seen a successful example like Frank Miller's '300' ,
but that doesnt change the principle wasnt it?

It was the Great Greece, with interesting myth and fantastic civilazation history.
But the music spoiled the movie, no doubt about that, totally spoilt.

Not forget to mention the effortless scriptwriting.
After all, what they really want to give us, are the two anticipated villains,Medusa and the Kraken monster.

Previously, all those journey they went thru, is like a brief...packed....and shortened version of Lord of the Rings.
The characters come in and go out, come in and go out, like an extras.

The scorpions can attack Perseus like one minute ago, then in no further explanation it was tamed by the Grey Witches who show no welcoming sign to him as well.
Worst part of the story really!!!

The scorpions then were ride by the two Argos comedian,
and then the horrific Grey Witches (not forget to mention their effortless make up, only with a simple mask) suddenly all 'lost is space' and left one and the only witch, who join the 'Fellowship of Perseus' in the end.

And then again after another boring battle scene (~I am not sure which one, coz I hate to recall it~),
the scorpions left the fellowship (again for no reason!!!) ,
after Perseus said a stupid quote( I dont know what's that...)

I mean, it was so obvious lor, that the director or scriptwriter are doing this just because they want to 'CHASE AWAY THOSE CHARACTERS' when they dont need them anymore in the story.
You can always do that ofcourse, but please, do it neatly and atleast try to cheat your audience lar, don't make them looks like a fool.

In fact I like the conversation of Zeus and Hades,
Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes shown their top class acting quality,
but it was trapped by the beards and hairs.

And I thought Fiennes is more charming than Neeson did in terms of acting,
he is much more natural, and much more convincing.
But in the other hand Neeson is pretty exhausted in playing the role of Zeus.

The relationship between the Titans, Kings and human are well-explained but still,
it doesnt fill up the hole of the movie plot.

How could Perseus not angered when he confront Zeus for the firstime?
Zeus is the reason why he is there...

and the scene where Perseus falled on (I mean his body) the adorable Gemma Arterton, the scene looked so disgusting but not romantic at all.

and the gorgeous Alexa Davalos was being tied up like Naomi Watts in King Kong (2005),
look at the camera angle, look at the Greek costume she wore, the mild taboo image is there really.

So, 'PURPOSELY' lor........
out of adjective words in my dictionary liao........

Allright, I think that's all,
after all my criticisms to this movie will never finish.

A not so anticipated movie, but still it doesnt prove me wrong.

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clash of the titans said...

Awesome movie! Loved the effects! Kinda reminded me LOTR but it's more like a combination of LOTR and Dune :D