Monday, March 22, 2010

Green Zone

The reason of the invasion of Iraq has been revealed yet another time.

The 90s war movies often used VietNam War as their topic,
then in year 2000 on,
WW2, Holocaust and Ancient war has become another hot topics.

Recently there was this Hurt Locker that won Oscar best film,
now is Green Zone .

It that an Iraq War wave roll-out in the war film genre?

I have never watch a good and real action packed movie since Die Hard 4,
Green Zone is pretty near.

I wont categorize these pop-corn movies as a great film, but I think it is fair enough to say that Green Zone is indeed very exciting.

The action, the explosive scenes, and the music.
It's been a while, really.
The mood and the pace is so quick,
and not much of CGI used.

Ofcourse the visual effects is there,
but frankly the action scenes are so pure, so original, like the classic 90s movie.

The movie has already catch my eyes in the first scene where Matt Damon and his men take down the marksman and then broke in to the empty warehouse which they believed WMD is there.

The cameraworks remind me of the first-person shooter video game 'Counterstrike',
the director from The Bourne sequels has shown his videography skill for handling the balancing of 'shaky' and 'clarity'.

One of the worst mistake in war movies, is that director do not shoot the movie from the audiences' perspective, that's why very often the audiences could not recognize the movie characters in the entire film.

The soldiers, all look like the same, their hair are all bold, their face are all dirty,
how can you expect the audiences to distinguish these characters if they are not the superstars.

At this point, Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down get fucked up the most.
Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Josh Harnett, and Ewan Mcgregor were in the movie, who cares anyway? they were not a superstar yet that time.

I like the movie in fact, in terms of the feeling, it's better than GreenZone definitely,
but when we are talking about mistake, I think Black Hawk Down is a mess.

By far, Hurt Locker and Green Zone the both war films that were introduced worldwide lately had step away from this shadow.

The characters, are all introduced with crystal clear of clarity.
That allow the audiences to follow the story easier.

Well, story wise,

Michael Moore labelled it as the most HONEST movie about Iraq War, and he think it is stupid to label Green Zone as an action movie.

But I think an honest movie doesnt mean that it would become influential,
an influential movie is a movie that strike people emotion and makes them think deeply, even after they finish the movie.

and at this point,

I think Passion of The Christ is an awesome movie to hit people emotion,

that's why seldom people praise the movie as an honest biblical referenced movie,
but most people were instead shocked and amazed by those cruel scenes, it was so real, and the music add the feeling then.

Which is why, if you asked me,
ofcourse I will tell you Green Zone is an action movie, in fact it is a popcorn movie, atleast the intention it is,
it doesnt surprise me in terms of story,

I mean, Michael Moore has told us this conspiracy before,
whether you believe it or not,
I dont think it would become a sensational story anymore.

We all know what is the reason America is there.
It's clear.

But one thing I wasnt so sure, which is the scenes where Matt Damon pointed the gun at Al-Rawi, and then Freddie appeared to take Al-Rawi down, saying it is not Matt Damon's choice.

Ahem, is that a true incident?

Im not sure.
But if it isnt, well...

How could you say the movie is honest?
The egoism of Big America can be detected in that scene in fact.

Matt Damon could have kill Al-Rawi to the death,
but it was Freddie who did his job in the end.

Does it hint us that the American can run away from this responsible since it was the Iraqi who pull the triger?

The movie can't be ended by watching Matt Damon kill Al-Rawi, it can't be.
But Al-Rawi has to die, he has to.

Okie, whatsoever, that's just a point I would like to raise,
perhaps it really happened.

Let's talk about acting,
Matt Damon is Matt Damon
typical, same old Matt Damon,
solid Hollywood actor, but nothing to shout, he just can't shine.

But the actor who played Freddie is awesome,
he is Khalid Abdalla, the same actor who played the adult Amir in Kite Runner.

His love to the nation, his desperation, and his frustration when he get insulted,
it's all shown on his facial expression, and I dont even need to mention the scene where it was revealed that he has lost his leg.

I cant believe that many audiences in the cinema actualy laugh at him when he keep on jumping on the ground by a single leg.

I mean, THAT SCENE is the best scene through out the whole movie, very impressive, very powerful.

Freddie has just spoken out the essence of what the movie is all about ,
what the Iraqi today would like to slap and spit on the American face.

And the way he ask Matt Damon, 'why are you doing this to me?' , 'why are you chasing me?', 'what do you want from me?'......many many more.....
again.....I used the word FRUSTRATION....

Khalid Abdalla shown this feeling at its best.
His English with the Arab slang, perfect!!!

and I tell you what, without that scene,
Green Zone is just a dead movie with nothing left for us to think.

Laugh? how naive the audiences are...
The more they laugh, the more I found Khalid Abdalla is awesome.

That scene, is suppose the most sadistic scene of the whole movie.


Wei Xiang said...

kite runner! no wonder he looked so familiar =)

Green Zone said...

Green Zone isn’t a great action movie, and it’s not an epic war film. Green Zone isn’t even a very good conspiracy movie.