Monday, May 3, 2010

Chevaliers de Sangreal

Hans Zimmer at his best.

It is not easy to write a review on a movie soundtrack.
Too many perspective, too wide, too many imagination and inspiration.

Chevaliers de Sangreal is best piece of film music I have ever heard, no doubt about that.

I have been saying how much I like Hans Zimmer before, but words cant express how I feel really.

Yes, Chevaliers de Sangreal is the main theme for Da Vinci Code, but that does not create a barricade for me.

Da Vinci Code receive negatively review even from the film critic and novel fans,
but I was amaze by the setting and music.

In my review last year I had stated how much I dislike Da Vinci Code,
but I think it is fair enough to say that Chevaliers de Sangreal is a masterpiece,
ironic isnt it?

Come on, if you never (or ever) listen to this music, plug in your earphone and close your eyes,
you will know what I meant, who the fuck don't like this track?

This is masterpiece!
It is irresistable.

In the right frame of mood and emotion, this can easily bring tears to your eyes.

The music begin in an intensify mood and faster your heartbeat,
then the pace maintain and fasten your emotion,
then Hans Zimmer open up your heart layer by layer,
he inject multiple dose of drug in the correct time to excite your sentiments.
which brought you to the next level, and further up, and you could imagine how's heaven looks like.

You really have to listen this particular track from the first second until last,
otherwise you will miss out something.

The unique element of Chevaliers de Sangreal, is that it dont give you mixture of emotion.
It dont lead you to heaven and hell, then bring you back to ground, to let you feel multiple satisfaction.

The level of ascending can be heard in the maintainability of music pace,
every single level is important, and there is no 'best part' or 'favourite part' in this track, because every single second in the track is irreplacable.

The soundscape is religious, you can imagine yourself is in the setting of Da Vinci Code,
Hans Zimmer used his favourite orchestra and vocals to create a dramatic piece of music,
the music is so pure, so smooth, so real, and it's simple.

Listen to the rhythm and you will know,
this track is so simple,
it just keep on repeating and repeating the same rhythm,
very solid!

Ofcourse, one might asked,
did Hans Zimmer inspired by the movie and novel?

I say,
why not?

In fact, this track is inserted into the ending scene where Langdon discover the tomb of Mary.
It open up our heart layer by layer, just like the movie and story do wasnt it?

It is nearly impossible not to talk about the role of movie when one would like to praise the track, but I really think that this movie is not a good movie from a regular audience point of view.

However, Hans Zimmer's music definitely add value to this movie,
otherwise Ron Howard will never success to create a cathedral feeling by his picture alone.

Whatsoever, I like Chevaliers de Sangreal because this track allow you to appreciate it in two ways, relate back to the movie, or take your own journey.

Not many much other film tracks can perform this function, trust me.
Not even Hans Zimmer's own track.

I like Batman and Gladiator's soundtrack, but when I listen to these music, it is inevitable to think about the movie, and the film picture capture a majority portion of my mind.

Chevaliers de Sangreal?
it's different.

and how can you not like this music once you have visited Louvre and saw the pyramid?

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The Da Vinci Code Movie said...

It is very good film. Last night I watched it once again. And equally enjoyed as last time. I highly recommend this film to all people.