Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Is It

'This Is It' is neither a good movie nor a good documentary,
but it is a nice piece of work to show that MJ is a perfectionist anyway.

What we can see in the movie 'This Is It' is not actually something precious before MJ died.
It's just a video footage anyway, without editing and sound mixing, this is just a rubbish for many people really.

But MJ's dead has add value to these footage,
in fact, he dont even intend to use these footage to say goodbye to his fans.

The director manipulate audieces' feeling in this movie,
and he propagate the content definitely....

With not much of mentioning about MJ' dead and his negative scandal,
this movie is purely a well-edited documetary to watch.

In fact, it's not even a movie or documentary,
it's a video.

The editing is good, but there is no surprise through out the movie,
the style is keepin consistently....

Anyhow, it's still a nice video (or movie? or documentary? who cares?) to watch,
with no narration, with not much of mentioning about MJ's dead....
It is really far away better than wad I expect.

Seeing these video footage and the modified MTV ,
(the so called unseen footage that probably wont shown to the whole world if he wasnt dead),
it really prove that MJ was an artist who is demanding on the quality....

He love his fans, and he always want to do his best for them....
That's a nice spirit really....
Yet again it was propagated showing that he is a perfectionist,
is('nt) he?

Whatsoever, the possibility where the director had propagate the personality of MJ is questionable.
The movie shows that MJ is a perfectionist,
and he always has the patience to bear with his crew....

Three memorable quotes he always said in the movie,
Im not so sure in reality if it is:

1. This is it
2. I love you
3. God bless you

For me, a person that always speaks like this,
is a nice person really....

A simple word to show that you love and and you care,
but not many much of us can say it often....

After all,
watching this movie can really make one to change their perception towards MJ,
and put the media circus funeral, child abuse scandal and changing appearance issue behind....

MJ is a legend,
he is a (not the) King,
he is a gifted artist,
he cant be replaced by anyone....

It is a lost for London people as they missed out the MJ's live in O2 Arena,
but certainly MJ's dead has made a final opportunity for the whole world to enjoy his performance once again.

In memory of Michael Jackson,
'This Is It', along with his death,
has bring his legacy back to the world history once again.
RIP Michael Jackson,
This is it.


Wei Xiang said...

JT ... I luv u ~ *shy shy*

hahahaha xD cheers bro.

jiateng said...

u are not Michael Jackson,
say how many times 'i love you' also tak guna