Monday, February 1, 2010


After God loses faith in humanity, Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) chooses to become a fallen angel to defend for mankind against Armageddon.

Legion is either a good C-movie, or a bad B-movie,
The concept of Angel Michael disobey God's order is something interesting,
but the idea of angels possessed into faith weaken human's body and turn to become zombie is really mindless.

I mean, look at the make-up and effects,
if you take away the concept of the story and say this is another zombie movie,
it wasnt a hundred miles away definitely.

The Bible say God will use fire to destroy the world in the next Armageddon,
even if you do not believe in this,
you could have list out another 100 of ways I dont care,

but one who suggest God will use a zombie, or a thousands of zombiesssss...

well, one might argue,
it's just a movie anyway,

personally I can't accept this dumb idea as a regular movie goer,
even if I treat it as yet another dumb ass movie.

Once again, put aside the Biblical reference,
this movie still consists alot of weaknesses and holes.

Cheesy question:
If God (no matter which one you believe in),
want to destroy the world,
what takes Him so long?

To test the mankind patience and survival strength?
After He had decide to destroy them?
It doenst make sense.

Why start from a small restaurant in New Mexico?
The reason is simple, to save the production budget lar....
I mean, the location...the setting...the story...
everything would be easier to handle what....

What is the point of ensuring the infant live?
Does they hint that he is another Saviour?

If he is, why is the movie does not explain and clarify more about that?
I mean, what is the purpose of touching the line but you dare not to cross it?

If they really cross it,
it could become controversial in view of religious group perhaps,
but I wont discuss more about that except criticizing their effortless scriptwriting in reference to Terminator series.

In fact, they already did.
Can you see that?
they will fail.

That's the problem of the movie,
Because they have touch the wrong line,
but the worse thing is,
they dont even dare to make it worst.

It is Legion's destiny to become a critically bad movie.

And what happen to the ending???
It made the movie relegated to a C movie.
No doubt about that.

Even if I insist to watch this movie without viewing too much on the critically element,
I cannot pretend myself to ignore the effortless of the movie ending.

I really like the concept of the movie,
but the dissapointing thing is,
the movie doenst fully utilize its potential to make it as a sensational one,
which it definitely could have done so.

Whatsoever, generally this is an exciting action-pack movie,
the gun fight, the mood is there....

Some really cool scenes like the ice-cream car approaching,
the sweet nanny crawled on the ceiling....
it add colors to the movie.

The plotless dialogue is terrible,
but Archangel Michael did mention some interesting points out there,
saying that mankind fought the war because of the old books,
and bla bla bla....

I simply love Paul Bettany!!!
look at his supporting character in Beautiful Minds, Knight's Tale, Da Vinci's Code...
He is awesome....

In Legion,
His eye's contact with the audiences had successfully shown Archangel Michael's both dissapointment towards mankind's past and faith towards mankind's future.

and when the well-known Archangel Gabriel arrived,
how can the so called B movie or C movie not boost up to its highest climax?
but then, the mood is predictable anyway.


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