Monday, January 24, 2011

Apocalypse Now (1979)

Ride of the Valkyries, simply bizarre!
Only the Normandy Landing in Saving Private Ryan can beat this!

Apocalypse Now is more than a movie, it is an experience, a true journey that makes you feels like you're in the middle of VietNam war, very very real portrayal indeed by Francis Ford Coppola.

But I have to admit, the first-time I saw this movie, I thought Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando's characters are the same. What a shame really, what a shame!

It's not easy to blog about Apocalypse Now, not even for an expert.
If you asked me, from an average movie goers, I would say Apocalypse Now had too much of redundant scenes, or you could have called it meaningless scene.

But put it in another way, there were parts whereby you're not going to digest it comfortably.
It needs a certain level of historical background, focus, and also patience in order to understand it, to recognize it.

Favorite scene of the movie?

~Riding above the coast on Hueys and launches the attack on Viet Cong,
accompanied by Richard Wagner's Ride of Valkyries~

No doubt about that.
Playboy Bunnies scene? not even worth a mention.

In fact, none of any war scene is comparable to this.
If there is only one, hell ya!!!

Spielberg's Landing of Omaha in Saving Private Ryan....

What a class I must say,
this scene is a Coppola's masterpiece,
you'll never ever witness this kind of cinematic experience anymore,
they will never come out with this anymore.

The soul of the music, lift up your emotion like you're riding on the Huey right above the coast, POV shots swaying around.

At that point of time, you can feel like an American soldier indeed.

You wanted the Viet Cong to die.

Wagnerian piece of music has just manipulate your mind.

And now you wana shout it out loud to the world, "SAY NO TO WAR?"
Think again....

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