Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is heroic,
and this is epic!!!
A "modern symphony" I called it....

The Dark Knight soundtrack did improvised Hans Zimmer's masterpiece, but the contribution of Batman Begins soundtrack should not be neglected.

Hans Zimmer originally said that the main Batman theme was purposely introduced at the end of Batman Begins, and would be fleshed out in the sequel as the character develops.

Which is why, in my opinion, Molossus was used in the trailer for The Dark Knight.
No doubt about that, this is the main action theme.

In fact, I dont even have to tell you, and you dont have to Google it,
once you heard Molossus, you knew this is it!!!

A music reviewer once comment on Molossus, saying that
'Once this track start, it never quits.'

And I say,
' Just hum it!'

Look at the trailer of The Dark Knight, for me, that's a trailer of the century, if not history!
Molossus fit so damn well to the montage!!!

This track is so epic, so heroic, so energetic, yet so chaotic,
it is the soul to movie and the bone to every other tracks.

Absolutely GENIUS!
How does he come out with this?

I don't fukin know!!!
But who cares?

Molossus + Sony earphone= eargasm.
What a sensation!

This is truly a reform from Danny Elfman's classic,
and I like that.

The only element Hans Zimmer unable to carry out,
is the Gotham City kind of feeling,
the mystery, the sin, the despair and the darkness of city, all were overshadowed by Batman's personality and characteristic as what Zimmer intends to do.

The song of the Batman Begins soundtracks are all titled with the Latin names for different genera of bats.
If you asked me, I thought Molossus is the luckiest species because its name has been selected by Hans Zimmer to the main theme.

If I were a bat, I want to be a Molossus!
It was like, the chosen one....

Now I wish Hans Zimmer to compose a theme for my life,
but wait....

I don't need that,
Molossus will do,
and Molossus will do for everyone anyway.


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